Website Hosting

A good web host forms the basis of your website. It is like the strength of your business outlet. Now whether you want it to be made of mud or concrete is completely upto you. A solid web host ensures a fast, reliable website. A cheap web host ensures an unreliable, slow website that will probably be down most of the time.

Most of the time, you will end up buying a cheap web host service or a free hosting plan packaged by your web development company. What you should know is, your online presence is determined by how quickly your website is served when a visitor clicks your website link or types it. Cheap web servers share their hardware resources with many people like you and most of the time, you are at the mercy of the hardware if your website will load fast or not. What we wrote above in a few sentences, took us 15 years to know and learn. That is why we are very very specific when it comes to web hosting. We have handpicked our hosting network from the top 5 hosting networks of the world to ensure out clients get uninterrupted and fast service. All our webhosting plans are laid down below. Custom plan can be arranged if you have a specific requirement.

While most webhosts will provide you 99.9% or actually 99.90% of server uptime, we guarantee 99.99% of server uptime.

Load Speed

If it does not load in 5 seconds it is rubbish!

Specially with devices like mobile phones and tablets, ensuring a fast loading of website is critical or you will loose visitors.

The load speed of your website depends on a host of factors and we work them out meticulously.